One-on-One Coaching-We will conduct one-on-one coaching for individuals in need of changing their current situations; to work on life skills, transitions, goal setting and taking tangible steps.  One-on-One coaching can be accomplished in 5 or 10 sessions.


Small Group Sessions-Small group sessions are affective tool to help more than one at a time.  In small groups, the process of peer learning takes place with the facilitator/master coach guiding discussions and encouraging each member of the group to make tangible goals and take steps.


Seminars-One day seminars will be conducted in order to explore, learn and discuss different topics for personal growth and the overall growth of the community.  The hope for these seminars is for leaders of homes, organizations and groups to learn and grow in order to strengthen their community.


Women’s Conferences-Women’s conferences will be conducted in both the US and internationally to reach far reaching women.  These women will be encouraged and inspired to maximize their potentials.  They will receive information that will have an impact on their entire family and community. 


Consulting-We will consult with any groups in need of coaching or developing a coaching ministry.  We will consult with other non-profits in need of help to establish an international mission’s ministry.


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