Dieula Previlon

Dieula Previlon is a Christian woman, who loves Jesus with all her heart and daily learning to love His Children with compassion.  She is a wife and a mother to 3 young boys.  She is also a motivational speaker and teacher who received her M.A., in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary.   Her engaging, honest and contagious sense of humor have allowed her to share the teachings of the word of God to help teach, empower and bring healing to the women of God’s kingdom.  

She is a Life purpose Coach, a Spiritual Director, a mentor, pastor, preacher and an international missions expert.  She is the founder and executive director of ElevateHer International Ministries. Her professional career in teaching, counseling and International span over 13 years. 

Dieula's Favorite Clients are the women in prison, Haiti, Africa and India

ElevateHer International Ministries

Have you ever been at a job making great money and living the American dream and deep down inside something in your soul is saying “there has to be more to life than this”?  Have you ever been called a success by all who know you but deep down inside you feel like a big failure?  Have you been told you can’t and you won’t so many times that the way you live your life reflects those negative messages, and deep down inside fear keeps you sitting on ideas that can set you free?

If any of the above ever crossed your mind or the mind of someone you know, then ElevateHer International is for you.  ElevateHer International is an organization that provides life purpose coaching to help women dream big and be empowered to take a small step towards their God given calling.  ElevateHer International’s goal is to help women find hope, understand their purpose and ultimately find God through one-on-one coaching, accountability, training, skills inventory and spiritual guidance.  Living on purpose complels one to glorify God by embracing all the skills and talents in which God has gifted her. 

We provide life purpose coaching to help encourage women move towards the area of their giftedness.  We provide spiritual direction for those in need of seeing God in the ordinary themes of life.  We consult with international missions organizations in need of experts to make financial and partnership decisions. 
ElevateHer International Ministries is for every woman in need of seeing God through their purpose.


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