Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Selective compassion

What started out as an experiment has turned out to be a Christmas day tradition for our family: seek out the un-served homeless and provide them a meal and a piece of clothing to keep them warm. 

I have to admit, this year I was not up to it at all but I joined my husband to fulfilling his mission.  Our first stop was by a group of immigrants looking for work.  We gave them the meals, hats and gloves. Their eyes were filled with gratitude.  My heart was filled with compassion for them.  

At our last stop, my heart was less compassionate: a group of drug addicts. I was shocked by how cold my heart was towards them. The rationale for my position was they would take what we'd give them and sell it to continue their drug habits. 

I want on my rant in our car when one of my sons said "Mom how do you know what they'll do with it? You don't know their lives."  

Well there you have it.  

God has been doing a number on the heart of this humanitarian in 2014.

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