Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hidden Pictures of our Haiti Conference

My traveling buddies 

On our way to the conference

Betty One of our Conference Speakers

Yours truly all dressed to lead our conference

Sister; Cherisna, an amazing preacher

Anide, the bff, an amazing singer and speaker

Setting up


We're all set



Betty speaking on Trauma

The women engaged

Anide teaching on vision

The women discussing with each other

Having a little laughter

A restaurant in Haiti to support the orphans

Having Breakfast


A report from the women of what's happening in their communities

Happy to be in the Lord's house (song)

Cherisna speaking

Cherisna speaking with passion

Eunide a great volunteer

Stones of forgiveness

Future girls of ElevateHer

Our Team part 1

Our Team part 2

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