Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Prayer For You

On this great Christmas season I bow my heart to the God of the universe to say a prayer for You.

I pray that God may shower you with his very best and may look upon you with favor.

I pray that he may open Your eyes to see the miracles he daily performs. 

I pray that lack of answers will not cause you to renounce faith in God but will cause you to call on Him to sit with you in the obscurity.  

I pray that daily you may be awed by the mysterious presence of God even if in a gentle breeze.

I pray you may sense that there is something greater than us at play in this world; this may be the beginning of you embracing God.

I pray your Christmas has a lot to do with serving others; there you will realize how full you truly are.
I pray for peace; that even when your world seems to be surrounded by turbulent waters, the peace of God will sustain you.

I pray for joy, even when circumstances are not ideal that you can find joy in something greater than your circumstances.

Please join me in praying for these women that I've met along the way, their faces are forever etched in my mind, they help me be a better follower of Christ.

  • Ashley who wept by the mere thought that we were created to be known on a deeper level and for more than sex; I will forever remember her smile.  I have no idea why she was in prison but she seemed to rejoice over the kind of love Christ has to offer.
  • Red is what I called her because of her hair color but she had a passion to know Christ and to also teach the other women in her pod about him.
  • Bluette the woman I met in Haiti after the earthquake; she suffered greatly but her faith in God helped me believe just a little more.
  • Karen the homeless woman I met by Ross who wept when I prayed that Jesus understands her more than any human can since he too was often homeless.
  • The little old woman I met in India who in her frailty shook my hand to thank me for preaching.  I don't think she had ever heard a woman preach before.
  • The sexually abused women in Congo-two years ago I met a group of women in Congo who caused me to ask God "where were you when these women were being abused?" I promised them that I would return.  Please join me in praying for these women and for us to be courageous to stand up for justice for the women in the DR Congo.
  • The precious women of Kenya, we met on a mountain marked by violence-your strength inspire me daily. Your worship in the midst of lack reminds me that we can have life in spite of chaos.
Let our hearts continue to break for what breaks the heart of God.  In Jesus name, AMEN!

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