Sunday, December 29, 2013

10 Life Lessons Learned in 2013

"The unexamined life is not worth living".  Socrates

As 2013 ends, I think it is fitting to take the time to reflect on the ups and downs of the year.  And to also reflect on some of the lessons learned throughout the year that we will take with us unto the next year and beyond.

These are the lessons I've learned throughout the year of 2013:

1) Grief does not have to be your end.  After losing my dad at the end of last year, I really thought I didn't have anything else to give to the world and my family but little by little, I started emerging.

2) Don't ever, ever give up on your dreams and life.  Man everything that could go wrong, went wrong in these past few years; financial problems, marital problems, family problems...and every time something else happened a part of me wanted to give up but there was an even stronger part of me that would not allow me to.  Listen to that stronger part and don't ever, ever give up.

3) God is real.  So I vacillate back and forth from doubt to faith but this year God reminded me once again that he is real and present in our day to day life.  Only God could allow me to interview for a job at the airport on my way to Haiti and getting the job that very night while I was in Haiti.  God is real even when he is silent.

4) Letting go of past pains and hurts is something that must be done over and over again.  I have heard many people say that "letting go is an act of obedience and once you let go it's done"; maybe for some it is; for me it has not.  For me it has been a daily process of letting go bit by bit. There are days of revisiting anger, sadness and the pain of loss. The key is to commit yourself to letting go even if it takes a while.  There is nothing wrong with one day at a time.

5) Don't be Afraid of Detours.  So I'm still processing this one but sometimes in life you know exactly where you want to go, God has revealed it to you, you have the skills for it and for whatever reason God says "not yet I want you to spend sometime here first". At first I wanted to fight God and challenge him on that decision but I've learned over the years that God makes no mistakes and to just go with it.  So I'm learning to go with it while at the same time not forgetting my passion and vision.  To Be Continued on this detour.    

6) Preparation is an important part of the process.  Do not skip over this step.  Whether you're an associate, assistant, apprentice, mentee; you're in preparation mode.  Learn as much as you can because you will be called to step up eventually.

7) Perfection is not the goal, stepping out and entering the journey is.  Golly, I tell you, I had it all wrong and this backward thinking held me back for too many years.  If you're trying to complete everything perfectly before you enter the journey, sorry to disappoint you, it will not happen.  The journey will help you hone in on skills and teach you the lessons you lack.

8) You do not need permission from others to do what God has already given you the green light to accomplish. No words needed here.  I'm so ashamed to admit this, but I waited and waited for the "right" people to say good job that I almost ruined God's calling on my life.  Needless to say, I got tired of waiting; I stopped serving for the applaud of people and started serving because I was created to do so; I became a much happier person.

9) The best way to leave a legacy is by investing on other people.  I know I may be late on realizing this truth but I'm here.  The legacy I want to leave on this earth is by investing on the lives of others.  To Be Continued; God is still working on me.

10) REST IS IMPORTANT: I love serving others but serving others can sometimes be a depleting task which is why when I'm home resting, I fully enjoy myself.  I work hard but I also rest and party hard.  It's only right.

Examine your life, learn from it, grow from it and live, holding nothing back.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Thanks Dieula for sharing your lessons. Motivates me to do some personal reflection as well. Looking forward to catching up in 2014 even if we have to do a Skype call. Bon Dye Beni Ou. Carine