Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30 Reasons I Give Thanks

For These Things and more I give thanks!

1. Children and husband who love taking care of me when ill. I was reminded of that just last week.
2. A husband that cooks, cleans, does the laundry and supports me in ministry.  I'm so thankful for my husband every single day as he prepares us breakfast, and provides in more ways than traditionally prescribed.
3. White chocolate covered pretzels. Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm
4. Supernatural strength to survive tough season and boy have I been through some tough seasons.
5. Encouraging Friends who always seem to know just what to say.
6. Non-Haitian friends who are not threatened by my rants on the need for more diversity, you know who you are.
7. All of those who financially support us as we continue to take our entire family on missions trips to Haiti, trust me your support however big or small has forever changed my family.
8. Mentors along the way.
9.  My pastor, Mark Mohrweis who saw my gifts in preaching and pastoral leadership and would not allow them to go unused.
10. My small group which has challenged me in many ways.
11.  Unexpected visits by new friends met on facebook.  Social Media does have its pluses.
12.  Though we have no family coming over for thanksgiving, the company of our neighbors will be a great reminder that we are not alone.
13.  Peace of mind
14. Warm covers on a cold day.
15.  Family movie nights, last night we watched hunger games all over again and the twins were as scared and sad as the first time we saw it especially when the black girl from district 11 died.  Good times!
16. A great relationship with my 15 year old, he often tells me things just to see how I will react.
17.  Imperfect children; they've taught me how to love unconditionally.
18. Nontraditional family; you'd be surprised as to how nontraditional we are and we love it.  We work well together.
19. Options; I hesitated putting this one on my list but I live in a country where I am afforded options and I'm so grateful.
20. Colorful friends; I can't visit all of the different countries that I'd like so I have friends to tell me of their countries and life experiences.  Did I mention how much I LOVE this diverse world?
21. A job; we often don't realize how important a job is until we don't have one. 
22. My nieces and nephews; it's like I birthed those children.  I love them so much.
23. Emma; I love that girl to pieces.  She's very wise, encouraging and an entrepreneur like myself.   
24.  After school stories from my boys; those are probably the funniest stories I have ever heard in my entire life. They talk about teachers, who's dating whom, lunch etc.
25. An education; the greatest lesson I've learned about education is how to use it; not to show how smart you are or to make lots of money but to serve others.
26. Sunday morning breakfast; our family's favorite meal is breakfast.  It's not just the eating part that's special but those mornings at that table have produced many riveting conversations.
27. Our bed; there we gather around to "pray" but prayer time isn't what you think it is.  Gathering for prayer is always done with everyone screaming, someone insulting someone else and when we finally gather which seems to take forever, we share prayer requests, concerns, we recite a verse and then we pray.  Good times!
28.  The women I've met in prison.  They've taught me so much about the presence of God which is all around us not just in "holy" places.
29. Time of Rest and Solitude; lately I've had to take moments of rest and solitude and just acknowledge the presence of God all around me.
30.  LIFE; the struggle, the chaos, the hustle, the joy and laughter and adventures in between.  I love being alive and I'm very thankful for every aspect of living.

Bonus: my entire family, in-laws and all; they all contribute to who I am today, I am so grateful for all of them!

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