Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Year For ElevateHer

Last year mid August, I locked myself on a seat at Starbucks and began to write my first ever business plan for a vision God had placed on my heart for years: ElevateHer International Ministries.  I remember being so scared to even dare to dream that God could use me to bring about transformation unto the lives of women.  I remember being afraid of the judgment and criticism of others but God continued to move me along. 

I wrote down everything I sensed God was communicating and doing in me through this vision. I was very doubtful that any of it would come to fruition.  I was quite sure that I, Dieula, did not have what it takes to create anything that would be worth it.  But something kept telling me to take a step.  My mantra for each day was: "take a step, one action step each day that moves you toward your vision, your calling". 

And over time fear turned to confidence and confidence turned to women's lives being touched. With the strength of God, I stepped into the Dallas prison and my eyes are forever opened to the needs of women who prostitute themselves, women in pain and suffering; I learned that God is indeed with the broken hearted.  With the help of God, I stepped into churches in women's groups and challenged them to forgive.  With the help of God I stepped onto many pulpits and reminded them that God can use unexpected people to do a mighty work for His glory. With the help of God, I did the international part of ElevateHer and traveled to Haiti and encouraged even more women, men and the youth.  With the help of God, my African (Sudanese) brothers and sisters were encouraged here locally in Dallas. 

God has not only used ElevateHer to help women find life from chaos, He has used ElevateHer to give me life, new life.  He has used it to free me from the shackles that kept me bound.  He has used it to help me remember that it is through him everything flows, there is no calling without Him and there is no  purpose outside of Him.  As much as I love my audience, I am daily reminded that my confidence is to rest on the Lord. I move on His command, and I walk into doors only He opens. 

I used to think everything needed to be perfect before taking that first step, I would obsess over website design, colors and clearly defined goals but now I know it is in the walking that God perfects the vision, no time before.  This journey has been messy, hard and financially taxing; I've had to work multiple part time jobs to make ends meet, I've even accepted full time work elsewhere as a way of staying afloat.  Some days I've even threaten to quit, then out of nowhere someone would email me and call me to speak at their event. Like I said it's a beautiful messy work of Christ.  

So I walk towards another year as I keep my eyes, ears and heart open to what God will do through this vision of elevating women.  One year down and prayerfully many more to go as God allows.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey.  Without your help, encouragement and love, women's lives would not be touched through this ministry, my life would not be touched.  So thank you friends.  

One Year For ElevateHer International Ministries! 


  1. I am so proud of you. You truly have a tenacious spirit. The more life tosses you, the more you engage it. You are the elevated woman. Many look to you to draw them upwards. I am one! I luv u sis!

    1. BJ, I know you say I'm an elevated woman but my sister you are too. You have survived challenges that many of us fear to ever embark and you keep on walking, never giving up: that's the elevated woman. I love you and your example!