Friday, August 16, 2013

Live Life To the Fullest

A while back something happened to me. I suspect it was during my sleep or some kind of period of unconsciousness. It wasn't a huge earth chattering event but subtle.  I can't explain when it actually happened, I just remembered its affects.  It was like a presence that BREATHED NEW LIFE INTO ME. 

And instantly I was different, I had to be different, I couldn't stay the same. Instantly I started standing a little taller. I started trusting my journey and my instincts.  I started BELIEVING IN DREAMS again and boy did I have some dreams.  I started believing that I CAN. I started believing that like everyone else God has created, I had a CALLING, a PURPOSE, a REASON TO BE.  I started pursuing goals UNAFRAID OF FAILURE, but with the full intent of just walking to see the other side. 

I started not taking the CRITICISM of others too seriously.  I started not making decisions based on the OPINIONS of other people. I started approaching life with JOY at the thought of POSSIBILITIES and ENDLESS HOPE. And in that process, I started ATTRACTING OTHERS to do the same. Because that thing that happened to me, that VOICE that WHISPERED to me, that presence that BREATHED life into me wasn't just for my own well being but for the GOOD OF HUMANITY. 

Hell has tried to stop me. The DARKNESS has tried to overtake me. DESPAIR has tried to leave me
empty. DISAPPOINTMENTS have attempted to slow me down... 

...but alas that voice, that PRESENCE, that being has continued to STRENGTHEN me, breathe into me and whisper to me "KEEP ON WALKING, don't stop, I have you at the palm of MY hands...LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST".  So I walk...with the full intent of living every bit of my life to the fullest; NOT HOLDING ANYTHING BACK.  

Why don't you join me?

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