Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Abortion, Society and the Church

The closer we get to election, the more we will hear the A-word mentioned in both the media and churches across America.  No not alcohol; although in the US alone it is estimated that we spend 57 billion dollars on alcohol each year, we are definitely stimulating the economy by our alcohol consumption.  However, the A-word I’m referring to is Abortion.  As a Christian and a woman, I take great interest in this issue.  So this is my attempt to publically process my take on abortion, society and the church.

·         Let’s be straight about one thing: life begins at the point of conception; when the egg meets the sperm, life begins.  No ifs, ands or buts.  I have three children and the minute I was pregnant with each of them, my body started going through a metamorphosis; nausea, loss of appetite etc.  Yup, I was one of those pregnant women.  My point: the new life within was causing changes to my body.  It’s quite remarkable if you ask me.  The creation of Life in a woman’s body is simply AMAZING! 

·         It seems as if Democrats are saying: it’s your body, it’s your choice, do whatever you want with it.  Though we are free to make our own choices but all choices come with ramifications.  As a Christian woman, if I give myself fully to God, then my body and everything in me belong to my God, my creator. Do you really care for me, if you know I’m desperate for answers and you give me a loaded gun without any warning?

·         And Republicans, on the other hand, seem to want to abolish abortions so much so that they’ll force women to compliance hoping they make better moral decisions.  Oftentimes the messages come across as shaming, condemning and judgmental; I’ve even heard the words evil and anti-Christian used to describe women who abort their un-born.  The problem is much bigger than the behavior. 

·         Let’s say all abortion clinics were forced to close down, all abortion doctors no longer extended those services to women, would that put an end to abortions?  My answer is an emphatic NO!  We would probably end up with another set of problems.  Not only would they continue aborting their un-borns but women’s lives would also be in jeopardy. Like the preceding generation, we would go back to “back alley abortions”, self-induced abortions and countless horror stories of women desperately attempting to rid the life inside for whatever reason.  Ask the former generation, they’ll tell you stories of those in their communities who either received or performed back alley abortions.  Oops I’m sorry, I’m airing their dirty little secrets publically; I forgot they don’t talk about these things.  They’ll just let this generation deal with these issues on its own. 

·         We need to stand up for the life of the mother as well as the child.

So what do we do with these tough issues on Life and abortion???  Where is the Church???

Here’s my dream…

·         We all need to once and for all agree that life begins at conception.  Let not politics or scientific pundits decide what is life and what isn’t.

·         I would not force women into making better moral decisions in terms of abortion.  Change and transformation cannot be forced; it always backfires.  And I cannot say: a woman’s body is her own therefore do what you like and send her off irresponsibly.

·         I would allow abortion to be legal with a few provisions

o   Doctors would have to do a full education for each woman needing an abortion; heartbeat checks, education on different stages of pregnancy and partner them with a church representative who can help them through different options i.e. adoption, better resources or a place to stay for the months of pregnancy.

o   Churches would have a great working relationship with abortion clinics and abortion doctors.  Nope not the picket signs in front of their clinics type of relationship.

o   Churches would have a loving relationship with potential abortion client; they would non-judgmentally meet potential clients, give them food to eat, hear their stories, pray for them and with them and if they choose to have an abortion, that relationship should continue even after the abortion.  Yes church, loving can be hard.  But if a woman already has one abortion, chances are she might have another one if her life situation has not changed.  Which means your continued love might save future lives.  That is the Gospel preached in deed.

o   Where are the men in these situations? Most abortions occur not because of rape or incest but due to fear and lack of support from the fathers. The men in these situations need to be given a bigger responsibility.  If a woman identifies her “baby daddy”, if she in fact knows him (sorry having flashbacks of Maury), this father needs to share the burden and the pressure.  After all, a woman cannot get herself pregnant.  The fathers need to be a part of all of the above.  Men we need you!!

God we pray for your hands of Mercy to be upon us in this generation, for the preservation of life of our children and future generations to come. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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