Monday, July 9, 2012

25 Lessons Learned in Prison

25 Lessons Learned in Prison

Of course doing ministry in prison has life changing impact.  The I who started teaching the women in Dallas Prison, 6 months ago, is forever changed and is daily changing.  I pray the women received as much from the experience as I did.

1)      God is indeed with, fully present and near the broken hearted

2)      God is on a constant pursuit for all of his children, even when we make horrible choices

3)      There are no easy answers when it comes to broken people in a broken world

4)      I’m learning to look deeper rather than just focusing on the sin at the surface; still very hard to do…

5)      I’m learning to be present when talking to others

6)      Healing or lack thereof is a bigger piece of the puzzle than I thought

7)      I have never met as many prostitutes who know of Jesus as I did in prison

8)      Abuse affects a person long after it took place; sometimes a new person emerges because of it

9)      The whys and hows of homosexuality are very complicated

10)   It is not enough to tell someone that God loves them; it’s even more impactful to show them God’s love through your love for them.

11)   Going into the prison wasn’t as scary as I thought

12)   Society has very distorted views on sex and the church does not know how to help us reclaim its goodness

13)   God loves prostitutes

14)   People will do anything to fit in, belong and find community even if it means imprisonment.

15)   Many have never heard the phrase “I love you” from one who truly loved them

16)   Forced change and healing will never result into true transformation.

17)   Jesus waits for us to point the broken, the hurt and the defenseless to Him

18)   The world is in desperate need of learning to live life in the midst of chaos

19)   Sometimes denial is God’s gift for us to cope with hard things until we’re ready.

20)   There’s something good about allowing yourself to come to its end because that’s where you see your true self and that’s also where you see the living God.

21)   The Good News of Jesus Christ sounds even “gooder” to those who are tired of defeat, ready for change and looking for answers.

22)   We are not as good at hiding our pain as we think; it gets in the way of everything; it dictates where we go, what we eat, what relationships to begin; it’s in everything.

23)   Pain transcends race, gender, class and social status; everybody hurts. 

24)   We are in the midst of war; it’s a spiritual warzone.  And we are poorly equipped to fighting back.

25)   I’ve learned to pray more!!


  1. love these insights and thanks for sharing wisdom gained!

  2. i love them too! thanks for sharing! thanks for your boldness!

    1. Thank you Holly!! We need to skype soon!