Friday, June 22, 2012

Poetry from Prison

For the past few months, I've been posting about my journey in prison working with a group of beautiful women, challenging them to choose life and to accept God's purpose for their lives.  Well today's post is from one of them; I think she wants you to know the raging war that goes on inside.  Can any of you relate?

I feel like a caged bird
without a key
I'm caught between
Pain and suffering
Numerous of unanswered questions
have caused so much grief
Dear God what will
ever become of me
I shut my eyes hopefully
to receive some peace
7 hours have passed
And still no sleep
Even though my eyes are shut
I'm very much awake
Thinking about all the trouble I've caused
with all my mistakes
Never meant to hurt your or
cause you any tears
Am I afraid to let go of
all the years of fear
I need your support and guidance
So I may stay strong
Everyday is a struggle
Please help me to move on
Someone tell me
How long this feeling will last
I'm letting go of this pen
Like I'm letting go of my past

This song is dedicated to all my sisters in prison!
Take Me to the King!

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