Friday, April 13, 2012

Going to the Motherland-Africa!!!

"For nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37

I have this recurring memory of me wearing a checkered red and white underwear bathing and dancing whimsically under the summer's rain in Haiti. I can't recall if this memory is real or not but I always conclude that it's real because it seems to fit my personality. But this memory always surfaces whenever I'm embarking something this little girl bathing in the rain never thought of ever doing. Going to college, becoming a teacher, getting married, having children, preaching and today going to Africa.

I can probably give you a litany of explanations and names of people who made all of this possible but the One person who deserves all credit is God. God is the only one I know that can take a little girl, who thoroughly enjoyed baths under a summer's rain, to accomplishing what seems to be impossible to man and defying odds.

I no longer dance whimsically under the rain but I do enjoy experiencing God performing impossibilities in my life! Apart from heaven, I'm never certain where this road will lead but based on God's track record in my life, I daily remind myself that I have no reasons to fear.

Where: Kenya, Africa!

Mission: A team of five will be working alongside African nationals to teach 120 women leaders on the issues of trauma, Aids and God's definition of healing.

Thank you to all who were faithful givers to our team and to Irving Bible Church. If you would like to contribute to this trip it is not too late, just go onto the church's website and give online.

Please pray for our team.

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