Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am FOR LIFE!!!

So about the title of this blog…One of the things I absolutely abhor is politics. I despise how they make simple things very complicated to the point of feeling like you side with a party out of loyalty and commitment rather than true belief and conviction in the rightness, fairness and reasonableness of their policies. This past week as I anticipated my oldest son’s 13th birthday, I started thinking about LIFE. The life of a human being. Especially the miraculous life of my oldest son and how he came to be and that’s when this thought washed over me; clearer than any thought I’ve ever had in my entire life: I AM FOR LIFE! Notice I did not say I am Pro-life, a political statement fueled with hurt, pain, shame, regret, condemnation, blame and un-forgiveness instead I am FOR LIFE. Yeah you can say it’s a matter of semantics but I say it’s a renaming that I pray will percolate into a reclaiming of LIFE.

Your next question might be: what exactly is your reasoning for this renaming and reclaiming LIFE. Maybe a small piece of my story might help. Fourteen years ago, I was on my last semester of college, ready and excited to be the first college graduate of my family when I found myself pregnant. Word to the wise: it is bad news to be Haitian, unmarried, not finished with college and pregnant. My first thought and “action plan” was to get rid of it before anyone finding out as I once did before. I could not bear looking my emigrated parents in the eyes to tell them their plan to give us a better life in the US had failed. So I started walking the path of ending the life that was daily growing inside. I set up the appointment at the health center, pretty sure that this was the way to go. But something happened and I can’t really tell you what it was but it was over a conversation I had with a friend whom I was hoping would side with my decision instead she talked me off the cliff. She said something like: “Dieula, look at my life if I can have a baby as a teenager then surely you can have a child at 21” (Side Note: a couple years ago this friend passed away with colon cancer, her daughter started college this fall. RIP V). I think part of what I needed was someone to give me hope that I could have this child, that I was FOR LIFE.

So this week I celebrate the gift of LIFE of my oldest son. I celebrate and rejoice with the angels over his life that was preserved. I rejoice over seeing his smile, his energy, him in football gear, his very LIFE which was reclaimed. I rejoice because I cannot picture my life without him. I rejoice because his life has made me FOR LIFE.

I said earlier that I couldn’t really tell you what happened when I made the decision FOR LIFE but I know exactly what happened: God happened!

God I thank you for the preservation of LIFE. I thank you for the gift of LIFE. I thank you for being the God of second chance. I pray for hope and healing for women all over the world who have to walk this journey alone and without hope. And I pray for all of the little souls to rest in peace in your care. In Jesus name! Amen!

Happy Birthday Reynel!


  1. Sweet Dieula, thank you for sharing your life with us. How brave you have been and we feel privileged to be on your journey with you. Joining you in celebrating the life of raynel and the abundant life god gives as we live in surrender to his plan for our lives.

  2. You have a wonderful way with words!
    ~Michelle Fink