Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Help: Inspiration or Repulsion

Many of us have read the book and seen the movie "the help"! If you're anything like me, you probably walked away feeling inspired and repulsed simultaneously. “How could people be so ignorant and evil?” you might have said to yourself. And if you’re truly anything like me, your thinking doesn’t only stop there; you would take it step further and wonder “Is any of that ignorance or evil in me?” Or better yet “what are we doing in our generation that would make our children’s children repulsed?”

Really think deeply through this question before you answer “Nothing!” What injustice in our generation are we perpetuating? Start in your neighborhood and expand it globally.

Let’s start at home with the guys that cut our grass and the women that clean our homes, would you live in the same neighborhood with them? Would you send your children in the same schools? I know, we don’t know those immigrants and we did hear in the news of this “one” immigrant that committed a crime and for some reason that “one” has automatically put our children in danger. They have no jobs, no morals, and no values for sacred things. I’m just asking questions.

How about that beautiful house you had in the south side and all of the sudden “those” people moved in and what did you and your family do? Again, the question is: What are we doing in our generation that our children’s children will be repulsed by?

How about globally? It is estimated that at least one out of every three women in the world has been raped, beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise violently abused in her lifetime. No this is not a statistic from 1965, this is from 2011. After drug dealing, human trafficking (both sex and forced labor trafficking) is the second largest criminal industry today, a $32 billion enterprise. In other words there are more slaves today then there were in the 15th century. What is going on in our generation that our children’s children would find repulsive and we did absolutely nothing about?

I can go on and on about the things in our society that have gone on under our noses without us saying a peep. The genocide in Rawanda, where a million people died in just 100 days. How about the genocide in Darfur killing hundreds of thousands? How could we live in a world of abundance and in the same world for people to be dying of hunger? Does the current famine in the Horn of Africa ring a bell?

And to bring it back home, what about our views against our President Obama? Is it really about his policies or is there more to it that would cause us to quote Psalms 109:8 against him “May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership”. His policies are so horrible that you would wish death on his life? Have we forgotten the part of the Bible that says, “…he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted…”.

What are we doing in this generation that would cause our children’s children to ask “where were you? What did you do to speak against that?”

Before we damn Miss Hilly to hell, we need to realize that we all have a little Miss Hilly in us. Whether we actively participate or we stand to the sideline and do nothing. Martin Luther King once said: “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people”. And I ask again what are we doing in our generation that would cause our children to be ashamed of us?

God, have mercy on us! Have mercy on us for we are sinful men and women who struggle to love like you though we profess to want to be just like you. Forgive us for we sometimes actively participate in doing evil things. Forgive us for we sometimes hear of evil and see evil and because of our apathy we do absolutely nothing. Oh God, search our hearts and reveal those dark places that I’ve kept hidden even from me, only your light can drive out that kind of darkness. And God let us leave a legacy for our children’s children; one that challenge them to live beyond the status quo. In Jesus name I pray for our generation.

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