Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Haiti, Limitless God, My Insignificance

Ok, I must admit, when God placed on my heart to take our entire family to Haiti for the very first time, I wasn't fully convinced it would happen. I had two concerns; the first one was: how would we pay for this trip? It's kind of funny how God works; he tells you to do something but rarely showing you the how. By now you all should know that I'm a Christian and Christians read the Bible (Duh) and in the bible God makes some pretty bold promises. One of the most prominent promises is found in Matthew when Jesus says don't worry about what you will eat or drink because if I can take care of birds how much more will I take care of you as my children? That’s bold but we rarely believe this to be true.

Well in these past few months of planning to enter Haiti with the entire family, I saw the hands of the God of limitless resources provide for our family and our team. He used the hands of our family and friends to meet our needs. When we would try talking ourselves out of going, these gifts encouraged us to keep going. From our first gift by our Puerto Rican friends to the most exotic gift, a marimba sold in support of the trip; our children's school principal and friends whom we knew were financially struggling were all givers. We received big gifts and small ones; all of which were blessings to remind me that God is a God of limitless resources. Psalms 50:10 Says “For every beast in the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills”. Whenever I read this verse I secretly wish I was a cattle herder to fully understand this analogy of God’s character, power and limitlessness but I’m learning through different experiences like this one that this verse means everything in heaven and earth is his and we should not worry.

The other apprehension I always have about going is: what good is it going to do to bring a team for a week when the problems in Haiti are so big and so many? I mean really, you go for a week and do a VBS (vacation bible school-church language) for some 400 students and come back home to our well manicured homes and they go back to living in deplorable conditions? I can't tell you how often I've had this conversation with Jesus and the more I have it, the more I seem drawn to going back. Whenever discouragement of this sort overwhelms me the famous words of Mahatma Ghandi always puts things in perspective: "whatever you do will be insignificant but it's important that you do it".

Yup in 50 years, what I do in this world will be forgotten…But when I look at the state of Haiti, I can't get stuck in philosophical debates. When I look at children going hungry, I have no time to wonder whether one week's worth of help is significant enough. When I look at women being abused and dying emotional and spiritual deaths, there's no time to ask what good is it? When I look at men who were created to work and feed their family with no meaningful work losing their joy for living, there is no time to sit in board rooms looking for best strategies. What we will do in Haiti may be of little significance but it is imperative that we do it! I may not change the world but I pray my presence alone may bring hope. I pray that another Haitian girl can look at me as a Haitian woman and dream of better tomorrows.

When I look at people who have had great influence and significance in this world, they never did think about the great significance they were making. In fact when you look at their "production" numbers, they're not very impressive; they simply saw a need and allowed God to use their talents to meet them, one person at a time. Many know of the famous Harriet Tubman but did you know her mission to free slaves was over a 10 year span, taking around 20 trips freeing only about 300 slaves. That's only 15 slaves per year! You mean out of millions she only freed 300? But she was known as "Moses"!

So we're going to Haiti to contribute our insignificant efforts. We're going to sing, dance and play. Hopefully we'll laugh a lot and cry a lot! While we look at their poverty may we look at our own poverty and grieve not just for their living conditions but for us as well.

Keep us in your prayers! Send Blessings our way! I'll keep you posted!

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