Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haiti Day 2: Where are God's Image bearers?

Day 2: Reflections!

Entered Haiti once again under dark and gloomy skies, kind of strange but the skies seems to mirror what I felt and sensed my Haitian people also felt: we’re tired! Why hasn’t change come already? Where are my people? Where is the world to help make our dreams come true? Where is humanity to help me use my God given talents? Where is humanity to help my children receive an education? Where are my brothers and sisters to help me find dignity? Where are the ones God said were born of his image? Can I look in your eyes and see God? Can I look in your eyes and see me? My potential? My depth? My worth?

My people, my brothers, my sisters, humanity, God’s image bearers, will you join us in the fight for our freedom! Freedom to be all God intended for us! That’s what it means to bare the image of God, to join the fight for one another, for our hearts to break like God’s over the injustices done to another human being, to keep our eyes open and take interest over the degradation of another. That’s what it means to bare the image of God.


  1. Praying for you day by day as you show forth God's love and care to those God brings across your path!

  2. Here I am Lord... send me.
    Thanks for being the hands to serve on behalf of all others who can't or won't make the journey. I wish I were with you again. Maybe next journey. Love ya! Carine

  3. @AnonymousHey girl, we have to do another trip together.