Saturday, March 5, 2011

God in India

Off to India

Sunday February 20th, a group of us joined a dynamic team in K*tch India to help celebrate the dedication of the NT to the K*tchi people in their own language, K*tch. It’s hard for me to understand that a people group in 2011 would not have a written language or the words of God in their own native language. The reality is there are still over 2,500 people groups without any scriptures in their primary native language. For that reason this celebration is even more meaningful as the Lord has used this community to make His name known to the unreached.

This work did not happen overnight, it was the hard work of many key individuals over a period of 10 years. Many of the staff who were heavily involved in the work of the K*tch are no longer on staff. Reminds me of Paul’s words 1 Corinthians 3:6-7, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow”. This dedication is as much about celebrating the faithfulness of God through whom all things grow.
As you serve in your respective ministries continue to plant seeds or water seeds even when you don’t get to see the fruit of your effort, for all glory belongs to God and not us. Please join us in spirit as we celebrate Jesus in K*tch this upcoming week. Your prayers are desperately needed, for the evil one is angry that one more people group is coming to know of the mighty hands of the Messiah.

We've Made it...

Good Morning/Night,

We've made it to K*tch, sleep deprived, tired and in desperate need of chick-fil-a. The lack of internet access has reminded us of how addicted we were to our phones, computers and all types of social media; when you have none of those mediums to communicate what else is there to do? Well it's forced us to fully be present with one another and look deep into each other's eyes and deep into our hearts.

Today (thursday) is the first day of the conference/celebration, during the conference we will meet hundreds of Indian missions ministering amongst the K*tch. There's this energy amongst these people that G*d is getting ready to reveal Himself in a mighty way amongst them and they're ready. It almost feels like being in the NT when Jesus ascended leaving His disciples with a mission; Acts 1:8 "when the HS comes upon will be my witnesses".

Well brothers and sisters, the HS is here, it's mind blowing and these disciples are witnessing and they are excited. I've always wanted to be a part of the NT church and experience the HS in that same way, well I'm in it! I wish you all can be here with us, I hope you can experience it in Spirit. As exciting as the NT church was, they were also heavily persecuted! Can you please commit yourself to praying for us? I can't tell you how much we need your prayers.

I love you, Thank you all for sending me! Thank you for reaching out to the unreached, your willingness to serve is why we're here and this people group is able to receive the Gospel.

Blessings Friends!

The Big Day

Today's the big day! The dedication ceremony! For the past two days I've sat listening to story after story from many of the national workers in K*tch telling of their journey of reaching out to the K*tchi people for the past ten years. I have to admit, it was not an easy task sitting on those plastic picnic chairs listening to heavy indian accented English from 9-5 wearing a punjabi and anyone that knows me knows that I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl, I have definitely taken one for the team. As gruesome as those two days were, I've walked away with more knowledge about this people group.

One of the stories that stood out for me was Hanson, the translator. He told the group of how persecuted he was during the process of translation, to the point of almost giving up. He admitted that this was the most difficult project in his entire life. I don't know if you realize this but the K*tchi language is not a written language, no alphabets, no pronunciations; just a verbally spoken language. Hanson had to use the Gujarat script in order to form alphabets before even beginning translating "this is the genealogy of Jesus the son of David". How many hundreds of years back does that put this people group? This process is too intricate for me to speak on.

In addition to experiencing the struggles with translating an unwritten language, Hanson has experienced many personal struggles. Financially he has struggled tremendously. He did not have a job, translating the bible was his job. If you do a search on, bible translation does not pay. This group financially supported him but for the 12 hour days that he has worked pouring his life into this work for the past ten years, no income is sufficient enough. He lost his father a few years ago and he walks with a heavy limp which looks like the affects of polio.

Folks the meaning of the NT bible in the language of the people is huge. It is the gift of life. Jesus said "I have come to give you life..." the K*tchi people now have a chance at living abundant lives through the receiving of God's words in their own language.

Join us in spirit as we celebrate! It is because you gave that this group is able to celebrate today.

Love you all can't wait to share more with you in person.

A Heavenly Ceremony

The ceremony was heavenly! When 500 plus attendees started singing "hallelujah" in K*tchi in celebration of our king, I could no longer hold back the tears. Might I mention I was sitting on stage facing the 500, weeping like a baby. But in that moment I had a taste of the Grand ceremony when Jesus returns when every nation will sing praises in their own native tongues. My only regret is that you were not with us to be blessed by this amazing experience but don't worry I have pictures and video clips.

Friends I hope you are willing to join me and the mission's department to continue to minister to the K*tchi people. Our work amongst this people group is not yet over, it is just now beginning. We are experiencing the birthing of a new Christian community and the ministry opportunities are immense. The needs are great but the release of the New Testament amongst a people group that had no written language is proof that nothing is impossible through Christ. Family you have done well in being faithful with your resources amongst the K*tchi people for the past 10 years. All glory, honor, power is to Jesus! Amen

Home Sweet Home

The team made it home safe yesterday after a 2 day journey. When the plane landed at the DFW airport, we cheered and clapped because 12 days in India felt like 2 months and we were more than ready to be home in our own bed. Please continue to pray for the team because we have seen a lot and there’s a lot to process.

Over the past 12 days we have experienced what it feels like to be in a non-Christian nation, where the closing at every conversation is not “God Bless you” or “I’ll pray for you”. In this nation, it is acceptable to have a god in the lobby at the hotel where guests and staff can burn incense and pray. In this nation pictures of elephants and other gods replace our cross. Beautiful and elaborate temples are built not to Jesus the King but to some other god. Tatoos on the face and dark makeup around the eyes of children to keep away the spirits, so the spirits won’t be jealous of their beauty. In this nation the country USA is synonymous to Christianity. We have seen the bondage and the spiritual oppression.

It is in that context that a growing Christian community is developing. In the K*tchi community, there are over 950 villages and there are only 22 churches, most are home churches. The Christian community is a faithful group who continue to follow God no matter what. They tend to be quite legalistic in fear of the culture around them. In that same community, although women are oppressed and are not offered too many opportunities in the church, there is a group of women that meets once a month. And once a week via telephone, they share prayer requests and pray for each other and the church. What you don’t know is: this group of women is the glue that binds 13 churches together. Paul’s letters to the different churches, especially Corinthians, make more sense now than before.

Family, let us continue to pray for this growing Christian community. Let us come alongside them and provide them the support and help needed to strengthen and bring growth to the church in K*tch.

Blessings to you all!

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  1. Hey Dieula,
    Nice to see this blogspot. Good to see God's faithfulness in all this. Isn't it awesome one more language in India has the Bible. Wonderful to hear this news. I'm happy you set foot in my homeland a very diverse country that is from God. All peoples,languages & everything here is God breathed. All praise to HIM. :)