Monday, July 12, 2010

Haiti Six Months Later…

Ou saint ou saint ou saint ou saint
Se tou patout sou la te map di jan ou saint...

You’re Holy, You’re Holy, You’re Holy, You’re Holy
It is all over the world that I will tell of your Holiness…

A couple weeks ago I stood in a fairly large church in Haiti listening to a group worshipping Jesus with these words and while I sang along I couldn’t help but thinking “this was one of the purest worships I have ever been a part of”. You see these people singing “you’re holy” all had been affected by the earthquake and other atrocities; many of which were probably going home to live in a tent; some had lost children, church members, classmates and so on but this was the same group singing “you’re holy”.

It has been six months since the devastating earthquake ravaged through Haiti. And many people call the Haitians strong with the ability to persevere but I propose a different theory. Strength and perseverance could not have been possible if the Holy Spirit was not amongst these sufferers. You see suffering is common to everyone on this side of heaven; however suffering while still having the ability to call God Holy, like these Haitian sufferers, is unique. This is where pure worship happens! When one have the ability to say: “I may have lost everything dear to me, my home, children, family members and close friends but I will sing your praises anyhow”. It is not contingent material wealth or lack thereof. It is looking life in the face and realizing that this place is not home and our full confidence is in Christ Jesus, the maker of heaven and earth. This is where true joy in the midst of devastation happens.

So on this six month anniversary of the earthquake, I want to remember those who have passed. For those who are left behind, I want to thank them for teaching me the meaning of true worship. Let us not forget the people of Haiti; they will continue to need our help and us theirs.

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