Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the Road Again to Haiti...

If you had told me two years ago that God would take me on such a journey back to Haiti I would have said "no way" because I had serious trusting issues with God. And God, knowing all things, knew if we were going to have any relationship at all, I needed to trust Him. I don't think my journey has as much to do with me ministering to Haitians in Haiti as it does with me learning to trust God. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet, I don't know if I ever will but I'm on the journey.

So I am on the road again to Haiti, this time my mission is two-fold. The first part of my trip will be focused on bringing healing to women leaders who were affected by the earthquake. I and a group of other Haitian professionals with backgrounds in counseling will teach these leaders about trauma and how to overcome the wounds of trauma.

The second part of my trip is to help lead a medical team mostly from UT southwestern. This team is made up of medical students, doctors, nurses and a woman trained in PT.

Please pray for traveling mercies, endurance and patience. Pray that as we serve, we may learn to trust Jesus just a little bit more. Because as we see the multi-levels of need in Haiti, we may see that apart from Jesus we can do nothing to help the Haitian people. And that is exactly the perspective Jesus wants from us.

Our help comes from the Lord...Psalms 121

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update on Rood

My journey back to Haiti began last year and since then I’ve made some very special friends mostly children. Like Wendy Williams would say these friendships are mostly in my mind but I often think of them, pray for them and wonder if things are well for them. When I become overwhelmed by these thoughts I would picture myself handing them over one by one to Jesus. Like the little girl I met last year in Pignon whose parents had migrated north after a devastating hurricane hit their hometown, Gonaives, destroying thousands of homes and lives, I wonder if they’ve recovered. I can’t forget the wedding ceremony I witnessed by a group of little girls, they even had a veil; I wonder if they’re dreaming of a beautiful wedding where someday they will be the honored bride. Earlier this year I met another little girl. After describing her to many of my friends, they’ve named her my “hell no” friend. And there’s a reason for that name, she takes no mess from anyone including her uncle’s wife who wanted to make her a child slave of their home. Did I mention she was only nine?

And then there’s Rood Lapointe Junior, my hero. I met Rood after the earthquake and during the earthquake Rood lost everyone in his household and his left arm. It’s always interesting when you meet people who fall on the receiving end of service; they always end up blessing you far more than you bless them. It’s almost as if the encounter was more for our own good than their well being. They change your relationship with God, your perspective on life and the way you look at your role in this world. Since meeting Rood, my faith has been more grounded on eternal things than earthly things. I’ve asked God some really hard questions and I’m learning to be ok not receiving all the answers and having little understanding to comprehend his ways of reigning on the Earth. Now don’t get me wrong I still like a starbuck’s coffee and I would love own a pair of Milano Blahnic shoes (if I can bring myself to buying a $600 pair of shoes). But since meeting Rood I’ve grappled with Job’s statement in Job 1:21 “The Lord gives, the Lord takes blessed be the name of the Lord.” I want to be able to say “God everything I own belongs to you, if you take any of it away; your name is still blessed”. I don’t want to hold on to anything Jesus wants me to give to him. That’s exactly what Rood has learned to say.

A few weeks after meeting Rood, I learned that he would be adopted by a family in TX, I promised him to come and visit him if the adoption went through. Well, Rood was not granted humanitarian parole, the adoption fell through. Months went by and I hadn’t heard anything. I sent emails, attempted phone calls and nothing. Finally, I facebooked one of the interpreters from the team I traveled with asking him to go back to the orphanage and let me know if Rood is still there and how he was doing. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from him telling me Rood was still at the orphanage. He went on to say, Rood was laughing and playing with the rest of the children, he has found a community of people who love him and friends he can play with.

I am on my way back to Haiti to make more friends; the countdown begins, 17 days until I enter Haiti once again. Blessed Be the name of the Lord!